The Valor Foundation

About Us

"The Infinite Way is never to be organized. It is to remain forever a movement in Consciousness, a movement destined to permeate human consciousness unhampered by the limitations of any form of organization or proselytism of any kind. This would in no way obscure or obstruct the activity, for consciousness draws unto itself its own. Truth can never be organized. Only complete freedom from organization can assure its continued unfoldment." -- Lorraine Sinkler

The primary objective of this non-profit foundation since 1988 has been to provide for the perpetual distribution of Miss Sinkler's writings and class recordings to libraries, select groups, bookstores, and individuals. Should you know of any libraries that might appreciate having free copies of Lorraine or Joel's books, please feel free to direct them to the Infinite Way Library Activity section of our web site that provides a form for the librarians to request free copies.

With the establishment of the Web Site, it is the foundation's intent to continue to make this teaching accessible to all that seek it.